[Devel] ACPICA version 20150619 released

Dean Nelson dnelson at redhat.com
Fri Jun 19 07:30:18 PDT 2015

On 06/19/2015 09:15 AM, Moore, Robert wrote:
> 19 June 2015. Summary of changes for version 20150619:
> This release is available at https://acpica.org/downloads

Please excuse my ignorance, but why are the download files named
*.tar_0.gz ? Why the '_0' ?

Also I noticed that the git-repo with the latest commit being...

   commit d7a940bb308d001b5d2b196174fee36c7daa61d6
   Author:     Robert Moore <Robert.Moore at intel.com>
   AuthorDate: Thu Jun 18 08:13:39 2015 -0700
   Commit:     Robert Moore <Robert.Moore at intel.com>
   CommitDate: Thu Jun 18 08:13:39 2015 -0700
       Update version to 20150619.

differs from the two source code tarballs with regard to
source/compiler/asllookup.c by the git-diff file that I've
attached. But I don't see that patch mentioned in the git-repo.
So where did those changes come from? And do they really belong
in the tarballs? And if yes, why aren't they in the git-repo?


> Two regressions in version 20150616 have been addressed:
> Fixes some problems/issues with the C library macro removal (ACPI_STRLEN, etc.)
> This update changes ACPICA to only use the standard headers for functions, or
> (optionally) the local prototypes for the local versions of the C library functions.
> Across the source code, this required some additional casts for some Clib invocations
> for portability. Moved all local prototypes to a new file, acclib.h
> Fixes several problems with recent changes to the handling of the FACS table that
> could cause some systems not to boot.
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