Hello everybody!

I'm trying to sync my SonyEricsson Elm with Evolution and therefore would love to find a working configuration first.
After updating the phone's firmware I used syncevo-phone-config but it's painfully slow:
The first 54 configs need roughly 2 seconds each for testing; the phone says "synchronizing" for a blink, then beeps (like "no success") and does the next test.

With test 55/1188 it seems to actually work. The following message is printed on the display: "Synchronizing, sending contacts" and afterwards the phone beeps like "success".

But from that point on, on the phone nothing happens. The script seems to freeze, but goes on awefully slowly: It takes about 5 minutes to test each configuration, i.e. to print the line "Start 56/1188 test" and so on.

5000 minutes are 3.5 days - can anyone think of a workaround, or will I have to leave my phone next to my laptop for half a week....? :-(
Where should the successfully (?) tested configuration go? I can't find any file with the name I specified on the command line yet, probably because the script hasn't finished but was interrupted by pressing CTRL-C.