Thank you.  There were indeed previous versions of libebook.  I've fixed this but seem to have broken something else as now --print-databases results in a list of errors relating to reading KDE databases?

further sugestions appreciated,

running  evolution 3.13.7, and the evolution-data-server version matches.  

 I see that there are older versions of libebackend and libedata-book, but an autoremove does not delete them.


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On Tue, 2015-01-27 at 10:56 -0900, Zan wrote:
[ERROR] error code from SyncEvolution fatal error (local, status 10500): : accessing database: The name org.gnome.evolution.dataserver.AddressBook6 was not provided by any .service files
This is usually the result of an inconsistent Evolution Data Server installation. The libebook that SyncEvolution uses does not match the installed evolution-data-server daemon. Check which libebook versions you have installed and purge all obsolete ones. -- Best Regards, Patrick Ohly The content of this message is my personal opinion only and although I am an employee of Intel, the statements I make here in no way represent Intel's position on the issue, nor am I authorized to speak on behalf of Intel on this matter.