Concerning software, as i already mentioned:

Evolution email client, Android device on mobile phone and maybe some email client like ATMail or so, but not necessarily the last one.

Yes, i actually have Xperia Pro on Android 2.3.4 however i didn't even try libsynthesis... 

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What do you suggest me to do in order to achieve what i want.


On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 8:31 AM, Patrick Ohly <> wrote:
On Thu, 2012-07-12 at 04:31 +0200, vedran alajbegovic wrote:
> NOTE: This is default SyncML client on Android 2.3 AFAIK

Which default SyncML? I don't think Android has SyncML by default.

Some vendors add their own implementation. On the Synthesis mailing list
(the SyncML stack that SyncEvolution is based on) there was a discussion
about bugs in the Sony Xperia SyncML:

This looks similar to what you encounter: message decoding bugs due to
malformed SyncML messages coming from the device.

> NOTE: If i try to connect with Funambol app fro android, this is what
> i get when i try to sync contacts + all sync is refused on the device:

Funambol only tests with their own server. There have been various
issues with that client. I tried and couldn't get it to work.

If you want a reliable SyncML client for Android, then I suggest giving
the one from Synthesis a try.

> Concerning documentation:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1. First of all if would be nice that if i get certain error number,
> to be able to read something about it...

The error codes themselves aren't that informative. The [ERROR] messages
themselves are what matters. I agree that a FAQ with an explanation of
each one would be useful, but that's a considerable effort and I don't
see any volunteers for that task.

> 2. It seems that there are may "bits and peaces" of docs all around
> website but no comprehensive explanations of possible cases and usages
> that would also explain all common mistakes etc..

The HOWTO section in the Wiki is an attempt to fix that. It's a Wiki, so
anyone can improve or add to it.

> 3. I couldn't find any article how actually this "engine" works under
> the hood, the way it saves settings, how it exchanges, stores messages
> etc etc...That should be something like developers docs..

There are several technical articles linked to in the developer section
which give an overview:

> For example, i want to establish data sync for my phone, email
> client(for contacts) and desktop. I believe, this is beyond this
> project, but it's simply need by the clients.

It should all be possible. But the devils in the details - what software
do you want to run on each of these clients?

Best Regards, Patrick Ohly

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