Thanks Patrick

I have seen that the device "syncevolution-3b3d8d41-71db-477b-b91a-08600a31cd93" (the 2nd) sync only "Evolution -> Memotoo" in Memotoo:

May be it is a test that change this, but that explain the event not sent.
So change in Memotoo the sync way and try again.


Le 05/03/2011 16:14, Patrick Ohly a écrit :
On Sa, 2011-03-05 at 11:02 +0000, Thomas Pequet wrote:

Can you send me exactly the links where you have done the tests,
because I do not where to see ...
And explain me again the problem ?
Here's the problem description with updated links:

Some tests related to sending an updated event or task to the server
which fail (testUpdate, testAddUpdate). What I see is that client A
sends an updated to the server. Then client B syncs in two-way and
should be sent that update, but doesn't get it:


Add item log:

[2011-02-05 11:14:29.750] RECEIVED STATUS 201 for for command 'Add' (outgoing MsgID=2, CmdID=5)

Send update log:

[2011-02-05 11:15:08.678] RECEIVED STATUS 200 for for command 'Replace' (outgoing MsgID=2, CmdID=5)
[2011-02-05 11:15:12.237] Successful end of session -> calling engFinishDataStoreSync() for datastores now

Receive update log (without the update):

[2011-02-05 11:15:22.313] ---- System time in UTC : 2011-02-05 11:15:22.313

A different test (testAddUpdate) which adds the item from client A and
then updates it from A before sending to B implies that the item doesn't
seem to be updated on the server (client B gets the old data) - I
haven't verified that in the web interface, though.

The time stamps on the client show that the last session with client B
starts 10 seconds after the end of the previous session with client A,
and roughly 14 seconds after the item was updated on the server.