Hello and many thanks for your quick reply.

After your answers I realized that the connection to my server was interrupted.

After restarting the server it is working again as before!

No bug after the update. :-)

Kind regards


On Thu, 2019-05-16 at 14:46 +0200, Patrick Ohly wrote:
Roth <
> writes:
since two weeks, I guess it is since I've updated syncevolution I
experience problems connecting the server (see logfile).I get a 511
I'm using Debian Testing with syncevolution 1.5.3-2
Any hint is very appreciated.

The log shows that you connect to Funambol and that the server returns
this 511 error. I've not tested against that server (or any server, to
be honest) in a while, so I can't say whether that is a regression at
their end. It might also be specific to the one item that SyncEvolution
is trying to store on the server.

The log itself doesn't show what item that is. You can try to run at a
higher log level and then perhaps temporarily remove that item
locally. If it was because of that item, then the sync might complete.

Bye, Patrick