thank you very much for the details. If you need any support I'll ask the community at talk.meamo.org, I'am sure there are more people interested in a full support. Please go on, you will make my day. May I ask at talk.meamo.org and give them the link to your mailing list?

Thank you very much, I appreciate your help.

Have a nice weekend


Ove Kåven schrieb am 03.08.12 21:42:

Den 02. aug. 2012 11:24, skrev Patrick Ohly:
> On So, 2012-07-22 at 21:02 +0200, Michael Kummer wrote:
>> I use syncevolution on my N9 and it works perfectly with funambol
>> calendar and contacts. But I found no solution to sync also tasks and
>> notes. What is necessary to make it? Is it a hard show stopper or more
>> a question of time to write the code? I’am not a developer, only an
>> interested user. Is this an issue related to the N9 or related to
>> funambol? Memotoo seems to have a sync with tasks included, but not
>> with notes.
> The calendar backend on the N9 only supports events. If I remember
> correctly, the same storage (KCal) is also used for tasks; not so sure
> about notes.

Well, the Notes app does not allow you to choose a calendar or anything,
so it might appear independent, but I've just taken a look to see where
notes are stored. Unfortunately, Aegis prevented me from simply poking
around the filesystem for PIM data, but after a bit of digging, it
appears to me that notes actually do exist in mkcal, just in a different
database with an apparently hardcoded name, or something.

So if, on my N950, I run syncevolution to list the databases, I get
something like

mkcal = KCalExtended = MeeGo Calendar:
Birthdays (/home/user/.calendar/db)
Notes (/home/user/.calendar/db)
Personal (/home/user/.calendar/db) <default>

I guess it's just necessary to use different default databases for the
events/tasks and the notes, then...

> Either way, it's primarily lack of developer time for the N9 port which
> prevents adding support.

Well, it's just a matter of modifying the KCalExtended backend, I
suppose. I've been thinking about it. If people encourage/pester me
enough, I might get around to it...