Today I had very bad day with sync, initially normal sync from my Nokia E52 with messed up many contacts with numbers from different contacts getting into different people.

So i decided to clean phone, and restore from PC. Then I did sync with phone and PC with

Somehow I forgot to set sync direction for Notes and Notes were deleted from both phone and PC(Outlook)

I still have contacts, Calendar but not sure if it's all well.

So my only reliable data was in Evolution which I had synced few days back. I decided to try that with syncevolution on bluetooth. To be on safer side I decided to start with calendar+todos and memo(notes)

Since I wanted to restore these to my phone, I had disabled "receive changes from phone" but when i did sync it was completed with no change log in main screen. But I found that now data was gone from both phone and Evolution. I thought as if I lost everything. But then i released that there is some backup.

When I checked log directory, i indeed found that before/after states being recorded for each sync. I then tried your suggestion as in following link.

But it didnt help. actually i couldnt understand it to be honest. could you please help me here? I am attaching my screenshots of log directory. Please let me know how to enter command.

i want to restore before states in directory  virus-2010-07-28-01-13, i tried in following command with memo

but when i used this command nothing happened

syncevolution --restore </home/suyog/.cache/syncevolution/virus-2010-07-28-01-13> --before --dry-run "nokias60" memo

Also in syncevolution GUI , i cant see any backup which i can restore. see screenshot attached.

Could you please help me? I am really in trouble as I have lost all notes, calendar, contacts and Evolution logs are only last hope.

Best Regards,

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