I'm using syncevolution-bundle 1.3.2-2 for syncing my nokia 515 dual sim (S40 / V 09.04) with my OwnCloud 5-Server.
Currently it's a bluetooth sync one-way from my ubuntu 12.04 laptop to the phone.
The sync goes like this:
Server via Cal-/CardDAV ==> local SyncEvo-DB via Bluetooth/OBEX ==> Nokia 515
The construct is runnig stable, so far so good.
Now I'm trying to use the syncevo-http-server to make a direct sync between a ubuntu 12.04 server with my nokia phone.
I start the server with "syncevo-http-server http://localhost:9000/syncml".
Now, if the phone tries to connect to the server, the sync stops and i got the following error on the console:
[INFO] syncevo-http: new SyncML session for
[INFO] syncevo-dbus-server: /org/syncevolution/Server: ready to run
[ERROR] syncevo-dbus-server: /org/syncevolution/Server: message type 'application/vnd.syncml+wbxml; charset=UTF-8' not supported for starting a sync
I tried the same procedure with the latest unstable version of the syncevo-bundle, same error. Has anyone an idea?