Op dinsdag 15 maart 2011 11:26:38 schreef Patrick Ohly:

> Hello folks!


> Debian users have tried out installing more recent SyncEvolution

> packages and ran into issues that apply to all distros shipping

> SyncEvolution. I'd like to raise awareness of these issues and discuss

> how to solve them.

Might this also be related to my recent synchronisation problems?

Since your clear reply on January 2nd I set up a syncevolution config to synchronised the file


with my N900 via bluetooth & the SyncML server builtin the N900 (With the capital C in uri=Calendar)

It worked fine until a few weeks ago, now it seems as if the file-backend does not know where to look anymore:

(draugen is the name of my N900)


hansdej@debian]/home/hansdej>syncevolution draugen calendar

[INFO] addressbook: inactive

[INFO] calendar+todo: inactive

[INFO] memo: inactive

[INFO] todo: inactive

[INFO] Server sending SAN

[ERROR] Error allocating creating calendar

[INFO] calendar: inactive

[ERROR] fatal error (local, status 10500)

Synchronization failed, see /home/hansdej/.cache/syncevolution/draugen-2011-03-21-23-43/syncevolution-log.html for details.

Changes applied during synchronization:



| Source | NEW | MOD | DEL | ERR | NEW | MOD | DEL | ERR | CTS |


| calendar | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 |

| fatal error (local, status 10500) |


| start Mon Mar 21 23:43:03 2011, duration 0:04min |

| fatal error (local, status 10500) |


First ERROR encountered: Error allocating creating calendar

[ERROR] command line execution failure


FYI the calendarfile Header:


PRODID:-//K Desktop Environment//NONSGML libkcal 4.3//EN



Am I to look further for some error of my own, what could cause this:

"Error allocating creating calendar"

I also tried setting up the syncevo-http-server on my desktop PC on the same account and then run syncevolution from a prompt on the N900, this also lead to an error indicating that the calendar.ics file whas not found or improperly accessed.

Any hints, or should I wait until some general bug is solved?

Thank you.


> SyncEvolution depends on features in recent libsynthesis, for example

> additional XML tags. Running SyncEvolution with an old libsynthesis will

> trigger XML parser errors.


> First problem: because the ABI of libsynthesis has not changed, the

> soname of libsynthesis has not been changed either. If I had, older code

> using libsynthesis would have unnecessarily been prevented from using

> the more recent libsynthesis. To solve this, add versioned dependencies

> to your SyncEvolution packages. To be on the safe side, please assume

> that SyncEvolution always depends on the version of libsynthesis that it

> is bundled with.


> Second problem: syncevo-dbus-server might be running while packages are

> updated, which leads to the situation that it uses an old libsynthesis

> in memory.


> I'm not entirely sure how to solve that second problem. I could try

> dynamic loading of libsynthesis, but that only covers the libsynthesis

> dependency and not the update of SyncEvolution itself, nor of any of the

> other shared libraries in use by the process. If anyone has suggestions

> for how user-space restarts are meant to be handled by distros, then

> please let me know.