Hi Lincoln,


That patch in question is now merged to branch v21.01.x.


The builds performed for latest SPDK and SPDK LTS, against dpdk-main branch seem to be passing. Would love to hear if this is what you are seeing on your end too.





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Subject: Re: [dpdk-ci] [dpdk-dev] [CI] SPDK compilation failures @ DPDK community lab


Thanks Tomek,


Can you let us know when the merge happens and we'll make sure the next set of builds pass or see what the next failure is. :-P




On Mon, Feb 8, 2021 at 11:03 AM Zawadzki, Tomasz <tomasz.zawadzki@intel.com> wrote:

Hi Aaron,

Thank you for reporting this !

This is an issue with rte_power now depending on rte_ethdev, which was resolved on latest SPDK.

I believe that UNH lab verifies DPDK patches against SPDK branch for latest release. Which after the very recent SPDK release, would be v21.01.x:

The fix has been backported to that branch and should be merged shortly:


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> Subject: [dpdk-dev] [CI] SPDK compilation failures @ DPDK community lab
> Greetings,
> I've noticed that recently SPDK compilation in the UNH community lab seems
> to be failing, and I don't see an obvious reason for the failure.
> The logs haven't been too helpful - it appears that there is a symbol that isn't
> available when linking.
> Job details (for example):
> https://lab.dpdk.org/results/dashboard/results/results-
> uploads/test_runs/2363efb43157465db3228c34c00ebd57/log_upload_file/20
> 21/2/dpdk_f6f2d2240153_15524_2021-02-04_22-59-59_NA.zip
> Is it possible to turn on more verbose logging during the compilation of
> SPDK?  Maybe show the arguments to the compiler for the specific object?
> Maybe the SPDK folks can see something obviously wrong?
> Thanks,
> -Aaron



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