Hi WeWe,


Thanks for continuing to work on this, the progress sounds encouraging! I haven’t looked at it yet but it seems like there are opportunities beyond Cyborg for this and I have to admit I don’t totally see how SPDK, as a SW solution, fits the Cyborg model.  As with my last comment on your patch I think it would be great if you could explain your vision a bit more both with Cyborg and beyond.  I believe this would generate more interest in getting some eyes on this.  Personally I will make a commitment to look at it before the end of the week.


Thanks again!



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Subject: [SPDK] Add py-spdk client for SPDK


Hi, all

I have submitted the py-spdk code on https://review.gerrithub.io/#/c/379741/, please take some time to visit it, I will be very grateful to you. 

The py-spdk is client which can help the upper-level app to communicate with the SPDK-based app (such as: nvmf_tgt, vhost, iscsi_tgt, etc.). Should I submit it into the other repo I rebuild rather than SPDK repo? Because I think it is a relatively independent kit upon the SPDK. 


If you have some thoughts about the py-spdk, please share with me.