I have a server with two NUMA nodes.  On each node, configured a NIC.


In nvmf.conf file, based on the node configuration, would like to assign right lcore.


Here is snippet of nvmf.conf:



NQN nqn.2016-06.io.spdk:cnode1

Core 0

Mode Direct

Listen RDMA

NVMe 0000:06:00.0




NQN nqn.2016-06.io.spdk:cnode2

Core 1

Mode Direct

Listen RDMA

NVMe 0000:86:00.0



But noticed that it’s always uses “core 0” for both the Subsystems no matter what the value assigned to “Core” under “subsystem” section.


Following warning confirms it’s uses lcore 0.


allocated subsystem nqn.2016-06.io.spdk:cnode2 on lcore 0

“Subsystem nqn.2016-06.io.spdk:cnode2 is configured to run on a CPU core belonging to a different NUMA node than the associated NVMe device. This may result in reduced performance.”


Also getting “Segment Fault” if I try to set any non-zero value to “AcceptorCore”.


It would be nice if any of you could give more insights about “AcceptorCore” and “Core <lcore>”.