I am running 5.4.61. I made 2 edits to the config file. Rebuilding and will see how it goes. The script has some config settings which are a bit different on ARM.



On Wed, Sep 9, 2020 at 9:45 AM Denis Kenzior <> wrote:
Hi Keith,

On 9/9/20 9:10 AM, KeithG wrote:
> I just built the iwd 1.9 for arch arm on armv6h, armv7h, and aarch64. The aarch
> 64 builds and fails 0 tests. The armv6 fails the crypto and eapol tests and the
> armv7 fails the eapol test.

What kernels are running on these systems?

Note that Linux Kernel 5.8.4 or so had a regression in the crypto subsystem
which would result in a failure in the way iwd/ell used the AF_ALG API.  This
was patched shortly after.  You can upgrade, downgrade or backport the fix [1]

> Which kernel configs do I need to enable so that iwd fails 0 tests on all 3
> architectures?
> I searched the kernel configs for 'eapol' and found nothing. The 'crypto' search
> revealed a lot of settings, but all looked to be either 'm'  or 'y'. I am a bit
> out of my depth, here but i'm capable of building kernels for all 3
> architectures. Thanks for any guidance.

This script should have all the kernel options required for crypto (3rd section
from the top, starting at line 12):