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I find some hints from the SMC motherboard spec.

The SMC board spec says there’re 2 display ports on motherboard: one is DVI, the other is BMC video converter.

We may need to try your monitor connection to DVI port instead of behind BMC chip.


The reason is that KVMGT can’t support all various display ports, especially to support onboard video converter chip or external display dongle.


Input / Output



·        5 USB 2.0 ports (4 via header, 1 Type A)

·        4 USB 3.0 ports (4 rear)

Video Output

·        1 DVI - A

·        1 Aspeed AST2400 BMC

·        *Intel Iris Pro P580 for VHD*

Serial Port / Header

·        1 COM Port in RJ45 Socket


·        1 TPM 1.2 Header





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Hi Eddie and 01.org community users,


Has anyone tried KVMGT on Supermicro E3v5 (Skylake_H) machine? One of user tried KVMGT Q2’16 ISO on it, but see black screen when reboot. Anyone has successful story?


The detailed steps when trying KVMGT ISO:

a) No problem to change BIOS setting (Aperture Size to 1024MB).

b) No problem to boot the USB key, select “English” as language, and then select “Install XenGT/KVMGT” but right after a quick message telling “Decompressing Linux… Parsing ELF… done.” Followed by “Booting the kernel” -> Nothing except the black screen.

I doubt it’s display port related but I can’t confirm since no such machine in our lab.



1. KVMGT ISO image: https://download.01.org/GVT-g/2016Q2/

2. Supermicro E3v5 board MBD-X11SSV-M4F-0









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Mail: hongbo.wang@intel.com