Yes, 4770HQ is supported by XenGT.


Intel GVT-g has two implementation versions: XenGT for Xen hypervisor, KVMGT for KVM hypervisor.

XenGT supports 4th generation Core(TM) processor with Intel Graphics or later;  KVMGT supports 5th generation Core processor or later.


I7 4770HQ is Intel 4th gen processor.




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From: iGVT-g [] On Behalf Of Toni Bolduan
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2016 7:59 PM
Subject: [iGVT-g] igvt-g, kvmgt or xengt support for Intel i7 4770HQ


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As far as i read some descriptions about igvt-g the gpu virtualization isn't available for all Intel Processors. So the Question:

Is the Intel i7 4770HQ (with Intel HD 4600) supported to work with either igvt-g, KVMGT or XenGT?



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