Hi Florian,


Intel 8th GEN of processors are not supported in GVT.


We have stable release this April with kernel codes in branch gvt-stable-4.14 and Qemu codes in branch stable-2.10.0. The “setup guide” suggests to use this release because it’s fully tested to ensure the stability. You can use recent kernel and Qemu versions as well but they are not tested as much as the stable release. Most patches of the stable release are in upstream kernel and Qemu except live migration feature which is on the way.





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I want to try out igvt on my laptop. After reading the docs I have some questions:


Documentation* lists support for 5th to 7th generation only. Is this still up-to-date?

What about 8th gen? Is is not supported at all or just not considered stable enough?


The docs also suggest building a patched 4.14 kernel. Is this still required or does the 4.18 or 4.19 kernel already contain all the patches?

Same question for qemu: Are all required patches upstreamed to 3.0 or do I need to stick to the patched 2.12 one?


* https://github.com/intel/gvt-linux/wiki/GVTg_Setup_Guide