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Since there’s no “industry standard” for GPU virtualization, our GVT-g only support Intel CPU with embedded GPU.

Intel GVT-g has two implementation versions: XenGT for Xen hypervisor, KVMGT for KVM hypervisor.

For client machine: XenGT supports 4th generation Core(TM) processor with Intel Graphics or later;  KVMGT supports 5th generation Core processor or later.

For server: GVT-g also supports Intel server E3 v4 or CPU with embedded GPU, or later.


Attach several off-shelf machines which have been used by other community users for evaluation.




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Hello, I am trying to GVT-g working on Xen with both Linux and Windows DomU's. What are the hardware requirements (CPU/GPU/chipset) for getting this setup to work?


Does GVT-g only work with i915 hardware or can other graphics card for other vendors such as NVidia or ATI be used?


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