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In the past, we were asked several times about GVT-g supported machines types.

In general, our XenGT (GVT-g version for Xen) supports 4th Generation and above Core(TM) processor with Intel Graphics processor i3/i5/i7, it also supports Intel E3 v3, v4, v5 because so far only E3 server CPU has integrated GPU. KVMGT (GVT-g version for KVM) supports 5th Generation and above Core(TM) processor i3/i5/i7, it also supports Intel E3 v4, v5.

Besides the CPU version, GVT-g has another dependency on BIOS.  By now, GVT-g needs at least 512M GPU aperture size in BIOS configuration in order to launch multi VMs. Most of OEM machines have a default 256M aperture which can only support 1 Guest Windows VM.


With that in mind, we have tried 3 off-shelf machines and run GVT-g on them. Those machines are available in the market, have configurable GPU aperture size and serial port/jumper for debug purpose. Of cause, we couldn’t verify all ODM/OEM machines considering the engineering resource, bandwidth, budget, so these machines types are just for your reference.

Refer to attachment for more details.


BTW: special thanks to Eddie Yen missile0407@gmail.com who provided the SKL E3 motherboard information.



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