Hello all,

I've put together an OpenEmbedded layer for building the components of gvt-g for Xen, located at:
It is currently untested outside of all the necessary components building, but I'll be working toward moving the project along to provide a minimal example of a working gvt-g distribution on Xen (perhaps KVM in the future also). While working on putting it together, I was getting some kernel build failures related to force pushing of amended commits on the topic/gvtg-xengt branch. If possible in the future, can this practice be avoided?

Additionally, I'd like to offer to help bring the local dma-buf support (back?) to the Xen portion of the project, though I'd like to hear from the project owners what their plans are for that feature. Is the intention to bring VFIO/mdev support to Xen, or to do the support in a Xen specific way (adding ioctl and mmap handlers to the xengt MPT)? I don't have a real preference as to the approach, both have their pros and cons.

Brendan Kerrigan