Hello list,

I have the opportunity for a greenfield Lustre 2.5+ site.

We only have on-site experience with 2.1.x and hw RAID ldiskfs.

A major decision point  is OSS HBA dumb or RAID, and ldiskfs or ZFS; so could you chime in on, if you had the choice for 2.5+ would you go for:

1. RAID HBAs  or dumb HBAs+RAID enclosure using hw RAID ldiskfs. Would you even consider hw RAID ZFS?

E.g., some sample hardware (as we are mostly a Dell shop)
Dell PERC+MD1200/C8000XD encl, 
Dell 6Gbps SAS (dumb) HBA + MD3200 encl

2. Dumb HBAs with ZFS raidz2

E.g. Dell 6Gbps SAS (dumb) HBA + MD1200 or C8000XD 
non-RAID enclosures

Thanks for you wisdom.

A. Alba