Hello OpenSFS participants,


Do you have opinions and suggestions for this year’s LUG event? If so, we’d love your input!


OpenSFS is forming the LUG 2017 Program Committee, and we’re calling for participants! The LUG Program Committee is a vital group of volunteers responsible for providing input, vetting presentation submissions, and advising on event details. If you’ve attended LUG and have feedback on what went well, suggested improvements, and speaking recommendations, we want to hear from you!


On a company level, participation in the LUG planning committee will provide insight to LUG content and sessions, allow your company to influence the direction of LUG, and increase involvement in the Lustre community.

The LUG planning committee will meet 2-4 times a month in order to review event plans, select presentation content, and ensure this year’s LUG is a smashing success. We look forward to participation from the broader Lustre community. Lustre users and vendors are welcome to participate, although selection and review of session abstracts will be limited to Lustre users on the Program Committee.  


If you’re interested in participating in the LUG planning committee, please contact OpenSFS Administration with the following information by Monday, January 9th.  


As a reminder, this year’s LUG will be held in Bloomington, Indiana, May 30-June 2nd. Sponsorship opportunities and event information are available online. 

Best Regards,
OpenSFS Administration
Ph: 503-619-0561