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Thanks a lot. I'll try it.

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On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 1:17 PM, David Dillow <dave@thedillows.org> wrote:

On Tue, 2013-12-31 at 11:50 +0800, Frank Yang wrote:
> Does anybody have some reference about this? I only use the default
> Lustre 2.5.0 configuration. It seems I need to check the oi.16 files
> to get the correct mapping between MDT object and OST object.

Hi Frank,

I suspect you may still be able to recover the filesystem, but it will
definitely take some work -- perhaps more than it will take to dump the
contents of each file mechanically. However, if you want to try to pull
the contents out, you can use the lester tool to print a file-to-object
mapping for every file on the MDT; note that the objects are listed in
reverse order in the output, to preserve compatibility with other tools.
Each object is listed using the format "%u:%lx", with the first part
being the OST index and the second being the object ID.

You can get it from https://github.com/ORNL-TechInt/lester

You'll want to run it with a command line such as

lester -A fslist -o $OUTPUT $MDTDEV

where MDTDEV is the block device for the MDT.

I hope this helps, but I would encourage you to not give up on
recovering the filesystem just yet; I suspect it will be much easier
than pulling out the data manually.