In general, I think that hpdd members should decide indivudally on whether they want to participate in the original mailing lists.

I think that merging the lists is probably a non-starter, however that's up to Intel and OpenSFS to decide.


On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 10:15 AM, E.S. Rosenberg <> wrote:
On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 7:11 PM, Colin Faber <> wrote:
> Hi Eli,
> was the original lustre community mailing lists. These
> lists were old and were not maintained until recently. They're not actively
> monitored and the goal is to shift most lustre discussion back over to them.
I realize that and I actually noticed the list @lustre I was already
on is lustre-discuss so I guess it'll remain 2 lists, but ideally it
should be 1 so no that @lustre is again maintained shouldn't hpdd
either be merged or killed so that we don't have these split
personality conversations?
> Likely we'll go through a period of cross posting madness until most people
> shift back to the mailing lists.
I will try to post only to lustre-discuss starting after this message :).
> -cf
> On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 9:42 AM, E.S. Rosenberg
> <> wrote:
>> I'm going through some of the slides from LUG, am I correct if I say
>> we're supposed to switch to lustre-discuss?
>> Will the old mailing lists be closed? I find it kind of ridiculous
>> that I'm going to be registered on 3 distinct mailing lists about the
>> same subject that don't get each others' mail....
>> Regards,
>> Eli
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