Just in time for LUG 2014, the OpenSFS Benchmarking Working Group (BWG) has released its new I/O Characterization Report.


The OpenSFS Benchmarking Working Group (BWG) was created with the intent of defining an I/O benchmark suite to satisfy the requirements of the scalable parallel file system users and facilities. The first step toward this end was identified as characterization of I/O workloads, from small- to very large-scale parallel file systems, deployed at various high-performance and parallel computing (HPC) facilities and institutions. The characterization will then drive the design of the I/O benchmarks that emulate these workloads.


As part of the characterization, the BWG released a survey at the Supercomputing Conference in 2012, to solicit participation and collect data on file systems and workloads in HPC centers. This paper, which summarizes the data collected and our analysis, is now available on the OpenSFS web site at http://lustre.opensfs.org/files/2014/04/BenchmarkingWorkingGroup-io-survey-v5-sarp.docx_.pdf


Additional information is also available on our Resources Page (http://lustre.opensfs.org/resources/).



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