Hello OpenSFS Community, 


As a follow up to our original message, we wanted to thank everyone who contributed to the review and feedback of the OpenSFS Handbook. The feedback received has been incorporated and the first revision of the OpenSFS Handbook is now published on the OpenSFS website. This document will be revised periodically as needed or as feedback is received. 


Best regards,

OpenSFS Administration 



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Subject: [Participants] Review Requested: OpenSFS Handbook


Dear OpenSFS Community,


We have drafted a Handbook summarizing the organization of OpenSFS, its Bylaws, policies, guidelines, and other general information. 


The Handbook is online as a Google Doc and anyone with the like can suggest revisions or comment. We would greatly appreciate your feedback and contributions to the Handbook, so please take a look and share your input. Anonymous feedback is allowed, but if you comment while logged in to Google we’ll be able to respond to you directly. 




Comments are requested by Friday, May 5th so feedback can be reviewed and discussed prior to the LUG conference. 



Your OpenSFS Board