Hi Rajiv,


Thanks for your interest and questions. Which parts of the Graph Builder library were you considering to add to the GraphX project?


We are thinking in similar lines to integrate Graph Builder with Spark, but do not have any implementations to share yet. Compared to Pig UDFs, Scala code looks cleaner, so writing from scratch might make sense. We are considering it, but as I said, nothing concrete yet. We will post an update on this website soon.





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I am interested in adapting GraphBuilder for the GraphX(https://spark.apache.org/graphx/) project within Apache Spark (https://spark.apache.org/).

- Do you think that instead of writing a Spark graph builder from scratch , an adapter could be created for Spark/GraphX in GraphBuilder which could leverage other components of your project?

- Is the GraphBuilder team already working on creating an Apache Spark adapter or is it in the roadmap?

- If adapting GraphBuilder for GraphX is not in your roadmap and if it is not possible to adapt it, any starter points or hints would be really helpful!

Btw, thanks for building this library :). This clearly addresses a key pain point.

Take care,